Saturday, 27 April 2013

Come on Kermit.

 I am so determined not to use any chemicals on my plot and that includes the slug pellet.  As some who have read my blog I am using Nematodes to combat slugs underground but am relying on the slugs natural predators on the ground.  With a lot of slow worms and common lizards to do the job I thought i'd give them an extra hand as there seems to be an abundance of frog spawn and tadpoles around the place.
  Why there were so many baths behind the main allotment shed I don't know but I was determined to recycle one of them.

Drag to plot.

Dig hole and place.

Fill with water and add a bush

And learn to take decent pictures.

Chuck in some tadpoles.

And two hours later look who came to visit.

Now we have an instant slug catcher and some still to be born.  Slugs?...Not on my plot!