Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nearly There!

After a few days of reasonable weather and many hours of back breaking digging, I am almost there.    Getting to know some of the people on the surrounding plots a bit better now and after weeks of watching them poised and ready to strike finally the frosts have gone and the potatoes are in.  Not for me though. A day or two of turning, weeding and levelling out  and then I'm there. 
   I hadn't realised the amount of work its taken me just to get here and the only saving grace is, should in stay on this plot, ill never have to do it again.  Still I know the family and I will reap the rewards of my labours come harvest as does the robin who watches me all day and feasts like a king every time I turn the ground on all manner of creatures.  He certainly is braver from when I first introduced myself in January and has refined his diet to suit the days.  No longer are the worms I threw him deemed worthy anymore he now dines on the bugs of the spring.

                                                                  From this..........

to this!