Friday, 17 May 2013

lucking good!

I am sure I am having more than my fair share of beginners luck with my allotment and with all the reading and research I had done before this season I am more than pleased with the way things are going.  Luckily for me I am sharing a greenhouse with someone, so have grown everything from seed and this seems to be paying off when compared to people's shop bought plants.  I would like to know what  B&Q and Homebase are putting  in their soil and feed as they appear (to me) not to like the transition from shop to allotment.
Romensco broc doing well, my kids love this veg.  Looks unique  and tastes a little bit  like  cauliflower.

Early savoy  growing fast.

cauliflower (hate it when the mrs puts cheese on it! dont tell her)

Swede. Got told it was to early for this to go in but here it is!

Peas. reaching for the sky. My kids eat these raw  popping them out watching TV.   Better than popcorn.

Parsnips.  I really hope these grow OK.  My favourite.

Sprouts.  Not just for Christmas.

Aubergine. Didn't think this would grow outside this early.  But  here it is!

Sweetcorn. I Thought id killed these off by putting them out so early, but they seem to have come  to life  again.