Friday, 10 May 2013

.. You've seen a what?..

Managed to get on the plot today and it was no surprise that everything is looking like a tornado has passed through.
 I had a little tidy up and weeded between all the bits I've planted so far.  I have only been doing this a little while but clearing things and seeing uniform rows of veg plants you've grown from seed fills me with more joy   than it should and more than I expected.  But joy is short lived and fear sets in.
 Not having enough time to do all that I wanted due to my kids simultaneously needing No.2's! Why they can't go at school before I pick them up I shall never know. So packing things up quickly I had to leave everything uncovered. I wasn't worried until leaving....

"Dad I've just seen a rabbit!"
"You've seen a What?"
"...a rabbit!"
"You're joking....are you sure, you didn't just hear something in the bushes?"
"No I saw a rabbit!"
"**!!" ( I don't swear in front of my kids but I did then)

......"Dad I need the toilet"

And that was that. It's my turn to cook as my partner works late on Fridays, so by the time everyone is fed and watered (including said rabbit) it will be to late.
  The only good to come out of this and I know its early, but still no sign of slugs and with the amount of seedlings I put in I'm taking it as a good result that the Nematodes worked.  Do Nematodes work on rabbits... I think not!

Parsnips doing well.

Pumpkin storming ahead
Parsnips, Romensco Brock, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Red onion,  Swede.