Friday, 3 May 2013


If you haven't read the reasons why I am using natural slug prevention rather than the easy choice of using slug pellets, please read my post titled The slugs are coming! before you read this.

  I ordered the product from E bay and it was here within two days, which is very important as this is a live product and it is to be put straight into the fridge until you are ready to use it as the shelf life is only two weeks.  Choosing the right time and day for the application is a must, dawn or dusk preferable or otherwise just make sure its not in direct sunlight due to evaporation.  Luckily for me but not other gardeners Tuesday morning was a cloudy start to the day so conditions were perfect.
You will need at least an 8 litre watering can, spoon type of instrument and a stirring stick.  While I am confident that no wildlife (apart from the slugs) will be harmed using these nematodes. I am using a tea spoon that an adjacent plot holder stirs his tea with every day so any adverse effects on humans I will let you know.  
Apply the same as the video underneath an that should give you a coverage of 10 metres sq so a full coverage of 40 metres sq which should do most plots and any bigger there are other sizes for sale. This gives    you control for up to 6 weeks and you can reapply any time up to October while slugs are active.

Any one who is reading my blog and with out getting on my soap box I really think that this is the best slug prevention there is.  Used along side a few other tricks and maybe sowing a few more seeds knowing you may lose a few to pests, in general is far better than reaching for the slug pellet.  It is fact that 95% of slugs actually live underground so attacking them from the top makes no sense.  The over use of slug pellets by gardeners is harming our natural predators of the slug which also makes no sense.  Surely being a gardener is to be green, to get away from mass produced produce that has been over fertilized and sprayed with so many chemicals  to do the same on your plot, small holding or back garden is madness.